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Teaching ICT for People with Specific Learning Disorders

TI4PeS is a project developd thanks to a transversal cooperation between NGO, University, SME and VET Providers from 5 different country, which main objective is sharing knowledge and experience between partners on how to increase the capabilities of people with learning disabilities for employment and improve VET students with SpLD skills about ICT and software development and VET teachers about SpLD issue. The project intends to foster transnational cooperation in order to deliver quality and innovative training material in the field of learning disabilities.

The project targets mainly people that are looking for vocational education to access the labour market in order to foster their employability. Another target group are VET trainers that will be trained in order to able to follow the trainee in his/her education path on the online platform as e-tutors. This will enhance their digital competencies as well as provide them with skills to prepare the learners through e-learning. E-tutors will evaluate the learners at the end of each module and at the end of the overall e-training course.

The online training modules will offer the necessary theoretical background about software development, together with case studies that will prepare the learner before the practical experience.

The project will also boost the supply of suitably qualified VET trainers, and it will allow the enhancement of skills in an up-to-date and European framework.

Impact on potential stakeholders such as people with disabilities and special needs as well as VET providers consist in the opportunity to benefit from the e-training package also after the funding period, delivering new e–training courses.

This partnership consists of 5 partners from Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland and each partner has their local partners for have maximum local impact.

This partnership will also disseminate the project’s results in terms of the establishment of innovative and qualitative training methods in a European level. Public and privet authorities could also be benefited by the use of the project’s results.









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