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Ready, Set, Action! An Entertainment Fun Book

for Parents of Dyslexic Pre-teens

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An Entertainment Fun Book for Parents of Dyslexic Pre-teens
David Carlson
Linda Davis-Kyle, Editor

Foreword by Dr. Astrid Kopp-Duller, President of the Austrian Dyslexia Association

“Ready, Set, Action! is destined to become not only a loyal friend to the parents of preteens
challenged with dyslexia, but also it is hoped that it will be a boon to their
young learners. This fun book is brimming with an abundance of writing and
performing exercises that reveal the world as an exciting learning laboratory. It
supplies an index to boost its usefulness as an efficient teaching tool and popular
instructional guide for parents and teachers of dyslexic ‘tweens. At its heart, it reviews
basic grammar with relevant and positive examples and incremental building blocks
to foster do-it-yourself confidence to enhance self-esteem in students, who, too often,
are misunderstood and forgotten.”
Linda Davis-Kyle, MA, Editor, Ready, Set, Action!


How to Motivate Students to Write for a Cause: Getting Nondyslexic & Dyslexic Teens to Write about Health & More by Linda Davis-Kyle of WritingNow.com incites teens to write about causes that empassion them and to share their thoughts worldwide. She features Rachel Parent, Martha Payne, Zach Maxwell, and Jake Marcionette as exemplars. Davis-Kyle names Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Octavia Butler, Daniel Eckstein, and Sherrilyn Kenyon as evidence that dyslexic teens with a burning desire, a dedicated instructor, a writing strategy, and diligent practice can make their writing dreams come true, too. Victor Widdell gives nondyslexics a glimpse into what some dyslexics see when reading. Davis-Kyle offers a kaleidoscope of writing prompts that lean toward fostering teen health through excellent nutrition and exercise. She defines the assets secured from conquering writing skills and includes some samples of how to polish drafts. Teachers, parents, and grandparents will love sharing this unique guidebook with their favorite teen writers-in-the-making.

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